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Why Choose Us?

“Expert Financial Management at a Low Premium Plan”

why choose us

For several businesses, tax planning and compliance requirements are major obstacles to strategic planning. Financial management is a cumbersome task and tax laws are ever-evolving. Without the right tools, a business is likely to forgo expansion and investment opportunities while pursuing tax laws and other clerical tasks.

At MHA, we understand businesses and finances better. As a team of dedicated and experienced Chartered Accountants, we have been offering comprehensive accountancy, tax and financial outsourcing services to several owner-managed businesses within the Midland Area for over thirty years.

We’re Qualified

Affiliated with the ICAEW and HMRC, we deploy the best professional standards in all our consultancy services. Our vast experience and core competencies allow us to provide tailor-made and industry-specific management guidelines on all pertinent issues related to finance, accounting and taxation. With MHA, your business is always in safe hands.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

From simple bookkeeping to the preparation of consolidated accounts and financial statements, we provide step-by-step guidance to all our clients. We help business owners concentrate on sales promotion and marketing, while we take care of their routine tasks (such as preparing and filing tax returns and other compliance documents with the relevant authorities). If you are troubled with handling transactions, managing costs or struggling with deadlines from HMRC, you know who to call.

Modern Techniques

We assist business to avail economies of scale through a two-way process. Firstly, our pricing packages are low and well-suited for the needs of small and emerging businesses. This allows you to outsource your routine tasks without exhausting your budget. Secondly, we help you implement modern accounting techniques and software and automate your transaction processing system (such as cloud computing). Automated accounting saves you the time and costs associated with manual accounting and bookkeeping. Conducting a business has never been this inexpensive before, with MHA.

Ensure Compliance

Where multinationals fail, your business will not- that is our guarantee. We provide continual and comprehensive support for your business to ensure that you always comply with all industrial regulations. We help you draft and implement business ethics and best practices approach throughout your organization. Outsource with MHA, and you need not worry about penalties for non-compliance and legal notices from regulatory authorities.

Ancillary Support

Our commitment is not project-specific. We provide services that enable business continuation and perpetual growth for sole proprietors and midsize enterprises. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Business, Strategic and Exit Planning
  • Arrangement of Finances through Joint Ventures and other sources
  • The services of a qualified and competent Finance Director with minimal charges
  • R&D Expenditure planning for maximum capital allowance
  • Accounts Preparation, Reviewing and Filing
  • 24/7 Consultation from our experts on all legal, taxation and financial matters
To learn more on how a synergy with MHA can serve all your business purposes, please visit our services page or feel free to contact us!