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Tax Planning and Advisory

“Plan Today, Save Tomorrow”

tax planning and advisory

For small-scale owner-managed businesses, computation of taxable income and tax liability is simple and straightforward. As your business expands, however, tax planning becomes increasingly challenging.

Reconciliation of accounting and taxable profits, creating a provision for current tax and computing deferred tax liabilities is required. In addition, businesses are entitled to new tax benefits which they remain unaware of. Timely filing of tax returns is another hassle.

MHA offers customized tax planning and advisory services for all its clients. Our qualified and experienced tax consultants help business to plan their expenditures, furnish returns on a timely basis, claim exemptions and rebates, and explore business opportunities through R & D Development Claim and Patent Box. Here’s how we help:

Expenditure Planning

HMRC allows certain expenditures as deductions that reduce tax liability and tax payable. We help you recognize such costs and plan your expenditures accordingly. A synergy with MHA will ensure continual business growth with minimal tax liability.

R&D Claims

For businesses, Research and Development is a resource-draining task. Our specialized team files R&D Claims on your behalf and we have an unparalleled 100% success rate in filing such claims with the HMRC. We help business appraise their projects while ensuring that the related costs are eligible under R&D adjustment rules.

Filing of Returns

At MHA, we believe in lasting solutions over short-term planning. Our commitment extends beyond simple tax planning. We are here to file all your VAT Returns, PAYE Returns, Sales Tax Returns and any other Tax Returns with HMRC on a timely basis. With MHA, you can forget about meeting deadlines. We’ll take care of all your tax-related needs.

Refunds and Claim Adjustments

If your expenditures qualify for deduction and/or if you earn any exempt income, we’ll do all the documentation for you. We file all Tax Refund Claims and other claim adjustments with HMRC on your behalf. We ensure that your business can save up on taxes, reduce your overheads (due to excessive tax provisions) and increase your overall profits.

Capital Gains

For owner-managed businesses, we ensure perpetual succession. A partnership with MHA guarantees that your business continues, even in the event of your retirement or death. We help you plan and prepare for retirement by offering inheritance tax services and by devising capital gain strategies that maximize your post-tax earnings. We create trusts and other separate legal entities that maximize the return on your assets and ensure easy transfer between your family members to guarantee perpetual succession.

Documentation and Clerical Work

We retain all your tax documentation, asset and liability registers, bank statements, bank reconciliations, details of expenditures and incomes, lead schedules, tax reports and copies of annual tax returns for future references. We take care of all the filing, documenting and storing needs – saving you from the hassle of storing tax files in limited office space.

If you’re running a business and want to know how proper tax planning can help you reduce your overall costs and increase profitability, feel free to give us a call !