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Arrangement of Finance

“With MHA, You’re never short on Funds!”

For small-scale businesses, arranging finance can be a challenging task, as banks require credit reports and collateral securities to sanction a loan. Even mutual Funds require shares in market value of the business, and other lenders charge high interest rates to recover premiums.

At MHA, we have served several privately owned businesses for over 30 years. We also have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various sources of finance available for small-scale and midsize businesses. Our market name and affiliations with various lenders enable us to arrange alternate financing sources tailor-made to suit the needs of a variety of businesses. Compared to normal bank lending, these alternative investment sources carry low markup and have minimal documentation and security requirements. These include:

Peer-to-Peer Lending

In this finance arrangement, you do not need to go to a bank. We help identify a number of money lenders and bring them to you. This includes searching for lenders, selecting the lender offering the lowest interest rates and arranging a finance agreement between your business and the lender. This ensures a win-win strategy for both; your cash flows and the lender’s capital needs. Through P2P lending, you can avail short to midterm finances for acquisition of assets, and research and development expenditure.

Venture Capitalists

For a larger source of finance, we scout for venture capitalists and arrange them for your perusal. If your business has the potential and your vision is strong, you need not worry about the finances. These capitalists can provide the necessary financing arrangement to lift-off your business. They usually require a percentage of shareholding in your business, but the finance can be easily repaid as soon as your business generates cash from sales.

Equity Instruments

Share certificates and debentures are the two most common types of equity instruments. For companies seeking expansion, we can provide the necessary arrangements for listing. This includes assistance in issuance of prospectus and share/debenture listing at the stock exchange. Although such an arrangement limits your ownership rights, the resulting cash flow carries low markup and the dividend amount is at your discretion.

Government Grants

To obtain conditional grants from the government for deferred income, we help analyze business projects to determine whether they qualify for such grants. Our experts help businesses explore options that allow them to avail government grants with minimal conditions attached. This source of income provides steady cash flows for the duration of the project.


In terms of security, government bonds rank the highest. For businesses seeking fixed funds and constant cash flows on an annual basis, we help identify corporate and government bonds for investments. The interest earned from these loans is high and provides enough capital finance to repay any existing debts and explore other options.

Other Sources

There are several other sources of finance that we can help to arrange for businesses. Depending on the duration of the loan term, the amount required, and the size of the business and its financial needs; we help select the best sources of finance and chalk out the best financing arrangements.

If you’re in need of funds, then call us today and learn more about the different sources of finance and determine which option suits you best!