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Information Technology and the Cloud

Recent surveys have shown that businesses using cloud technology are more profitable.

We can appraise your existing software and hardware assets and advise you on the best ways to migrate to the Cloud without incurring undue costs.

Our appraisal can also highlight and quantify savings to be made by using the latest technology and computer systems most suitable for your business.

The use of cloud technology leads to cost savings through not having to buy and maintain expensive computer hardware, skilled personnel to maintain the system, office space, electricity bills and create a less noisy working environment. The return on investment in cloud technology can be very short and attractive for your business.

A secure cloud based accounting system enables you to access your business information from anywhere at any time and on a 24 hour seven day basis providing you have access to the internet, even from your smart mobile phone. This can enable your team to work remotely and securely from anywhere including from home.

Cloud technology gives you better control of your business and unprecedented collaboration with your accountant by sharing the same information on the cloud.