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Accountancy services

“We Make Accountancy Fun and Profitable”

accountantancy services

When it comes to preparing accounts, even established multinational companies face challenges. Recording, classifying and presenting financial information involves in-depth understanding of the fundamental accounting concepts and local laws and regulations. Accounts preparation is also a time and resource consuming activity which often involves hiring qualified Chartered Accountants and paying them accordingly.

At MHA, we understand the importance of well-prepared accounts for the financial outlook of a company as well as the resources involved in preparing such accounts. For over 30 years, we have offered accountancy services to several owner-managed businesses, partnerships and limited companies.

Our Offering

Managed by a team of qualified and experienced ICAEW members, we have successfully prepared accounts and financial statements that comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards and any provisions in the Companies Act 2006 for special businesses.

We prepare:

  • Accounts and Financial Statements for Sole Proprietors, sole traders and/or owner managed businesses within and outside the Midland area.
  • Accounts and Financial Statements for Partnerships and Other Associations within and outside the Midland area.
  • Statutory Accounts, Financial Statements and Financial Statements for Limited Companies incorporated and/or operating within the Midland area.
  • Monthly, Quarterly and/or Semi-annual Accounts for Management Reporting for businesses within or outside the Midland area.
  • Consolidated Accounts, Group Accounts and Group Financial Statements for Group Companies, in accordance with the relevant IAS and IFRS.
  • Business Plans, Business Development Plans, Business Exploration Plans and any other plans to help explore business opportunities, forecast results or financial and growth incentives for companies.
  • Projected Income Statement, Statement of Financial Position and any other Financial Statement(s) necessary to obtain finance, assess the profitability of a project or any other business purpose.
Why Choose MHA?

Accounts and Financial Statements are an integral part of any business. Banks and other financial institutions assess the profitability, liquidity and interest cover period of a business on the basis of its financial statements. Similarly, shareholders’ expectations are built upon the financial statements of the business.

MHA understands the importance of such statements for a business. With our experienced staff and modern accounting software we prepare accounts in accordance with the Financial Reporting Framework. This ensures that the nature of your business and its financial performance is clearly reflected in well-drafted statements, which comply with all legal and ethical requirements.

We make sure that your filing requirements, with respect to accounts, are met on a timely basis and penalties for non-compliance are avoided. Our staff reviews your accounts and highlights different areas for both improvements and opportunities- such as offering cost minimization and revenue maximization suggestions. We ensure that your tax liabilities and financial obligations are calculated accurately and any discrepancies, understatements and overstatements are avoided.

To talk to one of our staff members and find out more on the accounting requirements or if you want us to review your accounts and suggest improvements, feel free to contact us !